• Mar : 24 : 2014 - Indie Wonderland: Iron Brigade
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Hey, remember when in the post accompanying the previous session of Jarenth and JPH Play A Bad Game, I claimed that was the last video of that particular session? Turned out I lied, inadvertently!

Say whaaaat? Yes, a new Trapped Dead Is Not Very Good video resides after the break.

In this episode of Jarenth and JPH play Trapped Dead, JPH runs into a hilarious game-breaking bug, and I smash his face with a baseball bat to solve it. Good times.

Good times.

Be honest, readers: did you think, honestly think, that JPH and me were going to go back into the dysfuncionally hilarious mess that is Trapped Dead?

Because if you did, man, have I got some good news for you!

After the break: JPH and me totally go back into the dysfunctionally hilarious mess that is Trapped Dead.

And with this, we’ve reached the end of our first Trapped Dead recording session. We shoot some more zombies, run around aimlessly, die a lot — but not really — and escape with nary a shotgun for our troubles.

A shotgun, you say? I am interested and wish to learn more!

In the second part of the first episode, JPH and me run around, shoot zombies, die a lot and talk smack about this game.

How does this differ from the first part, you ask? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

As always, the video resides after the break.

A little while ago, I played a little bit of zombie survival game Trapped Dead with my friend and all-around Internet strongman JPH. During our play session, we discovered that Trapped Dead is, in fact, hilarious. Mostly hilariously bad. Especially when played cooperatively.

Being who we are, we immediately resolved to mock this game the only way it deserves how: in terrible, stilted-dialogue video. Because what goes around comes around. Here’s the first part of our first play session, which should run about three videos total.

The video resides after the break. Sorry about that; it keeps the main page looking better.

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