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Now, fair point in advance: Noitu Love 2, from developer Konjak (dot org), is an oldie as far as this column is concerned, first seeing the light of day in April 2008. So why am I writing about it now, almost four years after launch? The answer, as it so often is, is opportunity: Noitu Love 2 debuted on Steam only a few months back, and was a part of the very recent ‘June Bug’ Indie Royale bundle. I’d heard the game name before, and the video certainly made it look interesting, so when opportunity came knocking… who was I to complain?

(Spoiler levels: Narrative, medium. Mechanical, unimportant.)

‘And now you know the plot’. After the break: Noitu Love 2.

Greeting much appreciated reader,

Today in the hunt: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. An RTS developed by Relic and inspired by Games Workshop’s acclaimed tabletop miniature wargame: Warhammer 40K.
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War was released on September 20, 2004 in North America and on September 24 in Europe. Since its release, three expansion packs have been released: Winter Assault in 2005, Dark Crusade in 2006, and Soulstorm in 2008. The sequel, Dawn of War II was released in February 2009.

If anything, these dry facts made me hungry for more.

In the previous installment of Warlock III: Reign of Chaos, I found and handily defeated Rjahk, favoured Great Mage of Lunord and all-around incredible weakling, by exploiting his Undead capital city’s single-minded Death Magic focus. With three enemies down for the count, and a bead on the relatively unguarded capital city of Ash-Haar, favoured of Grum-Gog, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m a shoe-in for victory. I’m winning this game, is what I’m saying.

The question, then, is ‘how am I going to win this game?’

‘By being the Coolest Dude’ does not constitute a proper answer.

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In the previous installment of The Art Of Warlock, I scoured the known world for traces of Rjahk, favoured Great Mage of Lunord and pretty much my exact opposite. It took me a little while to actually find him/her/it, but find him/her/it I did. And seeing as though Ash-Haar the Wisest, actually living up to that title, is still in a functional alliance with me, I guess my next step will be the complete and utter annihilation of Lunordian worship.

You might think this a little harsh. That’s cool: I don’t, but I guess we can still be friends.

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This week, Jarenth and PlayerIII talk about Max Payne 3. Or, well, PlayerIII does; Jarenth hasn’t actually played Max Payne 3. So, for this week, we thought we’d try something else: a little interview-format question-and-answer about what PlayerIII — and only PlayerIII — thought about Max Payne.

After the break: Poets without a cause, bullet time, and the celebration of rare occasions.

In the previous installment of All’s Fair In Love And Warlock, I killed every hostile living thing on the world of Ainadra, with the notable exception of some giant Leviathan fish. They don’t pose any threat to me anyway, and I didn’t feel like diverting any units to the paltry task of annihilating them. I guess they will clog up my Alert queue with An Enemy Has Been Spotted Near The City Of Hornaxe every turn, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

During troop retrieval, I met the Great Mage Rjahk and found a third Mystic Portal. Choices were inevitable. Which path to pursue? Magical, unknown riches, or wiping the smug grin off of a face technically not possessing any mouth? King Solomon himself would’ve thought this a serious dilemma.

Even though it technically boils down to ‘murder, or murder’. But let’s not ruin the mood.

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I’m very sorry, dear readers, but through a combination of mostly uninteresting factors (new job stress chief among them) I really had no time to play a full-fledged game this week. At least, not to the degree that I would feel comfortable writing a review about it. I messed up, is what I’m saying. Again, apologies. Regular service should resume next week.

In the meantime, while I didn’t have time for a full game, I did have time to play an expansion. Specifically, Grubbins On Ice: the expansion to last year’s charming candy-coated RPG Costume Quest, a game I reviewed when it first came out. I didn’t play the (free) DLC immediately afterwards, because as I’ve noted, Costume Quest’s combat drags on after a little while. I decided, instead, to give it some rest, and to play it at an unspecified later date.

That later date is now.

In the previous installment of Like, Warlock, Man, I took over a significant amount of real estate in Ainadra. While I was having fun doing so, though, Ardania came under threat from that vile Lunord-worshipping fiend, Rjahk. I should probably go back to Ardania and deal with this menace, but I feel uncomfortable leaving while there’s still dragons about. As such, I am to dedicate the next couple of turns to exterminating everything in Ainadra that poses even the slightest danger to my cities. Preferably before Rjahk actually shows up: so far, all I’ve seen from him/her/it is… nothing.

Does this mean Rjahk’s army is invisible? It’s possible, but I’m betting ‘no’.

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In this episode of Jarenth and JPH play Trapped Dead, JPH runs into a hilarious game-breaking bug, and I smash his face with a baseball bat to solve it. Good times.

Good times.

In the previous installment of Warlock Warlock Warlock Goose, I invaded the mystical world of Ainadra, where things were not quite as opposite as I’d hoped them to be. I immediately got into a scuffle with the natives: an initially easy fight that turned costly and sour the moment dragons were added to the mix. Through the loss of some dear old units, I decided to clean up my act, and get Ainadra ready for colonization before the Settlers were to arrive.

This is going to be a little tricky, seeing as though the first Settlers are slated to arrive… right now.

After the break: Do the Settlers find a peaceful, conquered region, or a monster-infested wasteland? What do you *think*?

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