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In the coming posts I will describe the various ways of crossing the ball into the penalty box. The focus will be on explaining when to use which crossing technique.

First of all there are essentially 4 kinds of crosses.

  1. The low cross, which can be read about in my previous post
  2. The regular cross
  3. The early cross
  4. The ground cross

In this post I will describe the most basic cross, the regular cross.

The regular cross is performed by pressing the long pass button after aiming towards a player inside the penalty box when your player, in possession of the ball, is located on the left or right side of the penalty box.

Before talking about the mechanics of the regular cross I would like to state that I have set my crossing assistance to semi-assisted. There are two reasons for this:

1. Semi-assisted crossing, in contrast with assisted crossing, gives the player control over which player in the box to cross towards.

2. I do not have enough 1337 aiming skills to aim my crosses unassisted with more potential then the computer does, especially in tight chaotic situations.

I recommend everyone to set their cross assisting settings to semi-automatic except those rare few who have 1337 aiming skills.

With semi assisted regular crosses you are able to control the distance of your cross and the position the ball is going to land in respect to the player you are crossing towards.

What most people do not know is that you have three options when it comes to positioning your cross. You can cross the ball directly in front of the goal, to the middle of the box or towards the outer line of the box.  The computer assistance then changes the nuance of the exact position in order to get a more optimal cross. When you use fully assisted crossing you can only cross and the computer assistance completely determines the position the ball is going to. There are three basic rules when it comes to choosing one of three positions. If you are crossing towards a striker with a good volley stat; cross towards the back of the box. If you are crossing towards a striker with good jumping and heading accuracy stat; cross towards the middle of the box. If you are crossing towards a striker with a diving header trait or with a good sprint speed stat; cross towards the goal.

When it comes to the crosser.

The accuracy of your cross are dependent on four things. The crossing stat of the crosser, the direction the crosser is facing, the balance of the player while crossing and having the crosser trait. Because of this it is always wise to take that extra touch of the ball to face the box before crossing (if you can afford to do so of course). Most of the time you want your striker to head the ball towards goal after your cross. The golden rule about heading is very simple: Heading the ball against its trajectory is much easier than heading the ball along its trajectory. This is why the best crosses are giving when the crosser is closer to your opponents goal line than the player being crossed towards.

When it comes to the player being crossed towards.

You have to be aware that crosses are meant to be answered with a once touch action (heading, volleying or passing on to the next player). This is not mandatory but it is the best thing to do most of the time. The best players to cross towards are players with high values in attack positioning, heading accuracy, jumping and strength. The very best players to cross towards are players with the air dominance trait for they have that extra change of beating the defender in an air duel for the ball.

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